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Steyr LG110 .177  Air Rifles
Air Guns

Steyr LG110 .177 Air Rifles

£ 1,600

This absolutely beautiful rifle is designed for serious target shooting. The thumbhole stock is fully adjustable and made from high grade wood. The single shot action is side cocking and the bolt…

Ripley Rifles Ltd AR4 .177  Air Rifles
Air Guns

Ripley Rifles Ltd AR4 .177 Air Rifles

£ 1,750

This highly unusual, highly specialised gun is a rarity which is designed to enable the best possible results from an air rifle when used for multi-positional shooting. The roach-belly style stock…

Blaser AR8 .177  Air Rifles
Air Guns

Blaser AR8 .177 Air Rifles

£ 299.99

If Blaser did air rifles. Oh wait, they do... This break barrel .177 air rifle comes with a black synthetic thumbhole stock and a sound moderator which actually makes a difference. It's 11mm dove…