Longtown 100yd/Zero Facility

Longtown has 10 fully covered benches and has targets at 25 yards, 50 yards and 100yards for all your shooting needs. We also have use of an electronic shot marker system which allows the shooter to see their group on a computer screen, with SD, ES and group size all at the click of a button.The clubhouse has plenty of free parking and kitchen facilities with free tea and coffee. The building is large enough to accommodate groups of up to 20 visitors and is frequently used to host parties, training days and is a great alternative Stag/Hen venue, contact us for details of costs and availability.




Eskdalemuir 2K Training Range

Eskdalemuir 2K Training Range is set in the stunning scenery of the Scottish borders, in one of natures most perfectly formed rifle ranges, a long valley with several intersecting smaller valleys which can create some very interesting wind patterns between the firing point and the ultimate 2km target! There are 6 fully covered benches inside and weather permitting, space for up to 15 outside on hard standing.The facilities include onsite parking, but we are in the process of making the club house area better than ever before.

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