Special Offers

Theft is on the rise, in fact we all probably know someone who has been affected by it!

DON’T BE THE NEXT VICTIM!  Protect Yourself Today!

No Contract, fully flexible, no installation required and is a fully mobile protection system.

What makes this System so unique?

The Smart 360 Theft Alert mobile alarm system offers you a truly unique and flexible system that is completely contract free.

This system is fully mobile and can be either be run on mains, vehicular or through an independent power supply. The movement sensor that protects your barn, tack room, van or just about anywhere you need protecting, can be placed anywhere that requires this level of security and is wirelessly connected to the main operating box. 

Once armed the Smart 360 Theft Alert will monitor the area you have chosen to protect. In the event of a theft or break in, the Theft Alert will sound a 120db alarm siren, at the same time it will also call and text your mobile or landline phone number, in fact you can program up to 3 numbers to be alerted in case of a theft/ break-in.  

This system is totally flexible and contract free and can be used with any sim card that has network coverage in the area that you are protecting, alternatively you can also operate it with just the siren if no network coverage is available. The main control box can be kept up to a quarter of a mile away! This will be connected wirelessly.

RRP is £345 - Please contact Gardners Guns on 01228 792535 and quote ref: GG10157 for an introductory price of £299.99